Public charging refers to any charging that takes place outside one's private residence. This includes charging stations located in public parking lots, places of employment and commercial locations. Public charging stations can be Level 1, 2, or 3 and may or may not require an access fee in order to operate the unit.

The Town of Normal utilized federal grant funds to purchase 48 Level 2 charging stations, which have been installed in various locations throughout Normal and Bloomington. These public stations do not currently require an access fee; however, access fees may be required in future years.

In addition to Town-purchased stations, Tesla Motors has also installed 8 of its "Superchargers" in Uptown Normal.
Click here for a map of the current locations with available public charging stations in Bloomington-Normal.

National EV Charging Database and Mobile Applications


There are now a number of EV charging station locator applications available for the iPhone and Android. These mobile apps allow users to perform a number of items including:

  • Finding the nearest charging station
  • Retrieving in-app directions to stations
  • Adding station locations and update station information
  • Adding comments to stations
  • Adding photos
  • Checking in, allowing other users to know whether a site is in use

Examples of current apps include:

The Department of Energy maintains a database of EV charging station locations. EV owners are able to use the Alternative Fueling Station Locator Map to locate and route to charging stations, as well as add new stations.
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