Level 1 (120 volts) and Level 2 (240 volts) charging are the primary options for homeowners.

Preparing Your Home for Electric Vehicle Charging
Homeowners simply wanting to utilize an existing outlet for charging their vehicle (Level 1) will not have to purchase additional electric vehicle supply equipment. However, it is critically important that a licensed electrician inspect your home before you attempt to charge a vehicle. Homeowners may need to incur some expense if their targeted charging outlet is not on a dedicated circuit.

Homeowners wanting a faster charge can explore the purchase of Level 2 charging equipment. To learn about current federal and state incentives on charging equipment, visit the Plug-In America site at http://www.pluginamerica.org/incentives.  Or visit the incentive page for more information. Consumers looking to install a Level 2 charging station can consider units from a number of manufacturers. Costs of these units, not including the cost of installation, generally range from $1,500 to $5,000.

Licensed electricians can inform homeowners if their home has adequate electrical capacity for Level 2 vehicle charging. If needed, homeowners can add circuits to accommodate the capacity required. The homeowner can also work with their utility company to address any issues with the adequacy of the home's electrical capacity.

Complying with Safety Regulations
Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) installations must comply with local, state, and national codes and regulations, and installation requires municipal permitting and licensed contractors.

Contractors should consult with the appropriate municipal building inspections department before installing equipment. Phone numbers for the respective departments in Bloomington-Normal are provided below:

City of Bloomington: 434-2226
Town of Normal: 454-9581

Homeowners should consult vehicle manufacturer guidelines for information about the required charging equipment and find out the specifications before purchasing equipment and electric services.
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