Major insurance companies have indicated that EVs will be insured in much the same manner as traditional vehicles. However, because the EVs are relatively new to the automotive world, there are several topics you should consider discussing with your insurance agent.

Also, it is important to remember that your insurance premiums will likely be based on the retail price of the vehicle and not the price you may pay after deducting federal, state, and local incentives.

Questions to ask your AUTOMOTIVE insurer:
1. Are there specific or unique eligibility requirements for electric vehicles?
2. Do you offer different policies for on-road versus off-road only use for my electric vehicle?
3. Are electric vehicles rated the same as conventional gas-powered vehicles?
4. Do you offer discounts for electric vehicles?
5. Are aftermarket parts and accessories covered by the insurance policy?
6. How are claims handled for electric vehicles versus conventional gas-powered vehicles?
7. Do you offer collision and non-collision coverage?
8. Do you have a multi-car discount that would apply?

Question to ask your HOME insurer:
1. If I install a charging station at my residence, will I need additional coverage on my homeowners policy?

Question to ask your BUSINESS insurer:
1. What additional coverage might need to be added to my business policy to cover the charging station(s) that I install for customer or employee use?
2. Does the specific location of a charging station have any insurance ramifications?
3. Do you have any special requirements, such as concrete barriers or warning signs?
4. Do you have any special documentation that is required regarding the installation and/or type of charging station(s)?
5. If I want to charge a fee for access to the charging station(s), does that impact my insurance coverage?
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