A successful community needs an efficient and flexible transportation system. This includes accommodations for diverse transportation alternatives such as electric vehicles.

During the 2011 State of the Union address, President Obama stated his goal of having one million EVs on America's roads by 2015. Today, that goal has been met. While projections vary, it is clear that more and more EVs will be on the roads across the nation within the next few years.

EVs may not be a viable solution for all drivers or businesses. For some, an EV will be limited to in-town driving and daily commutes of 100 miles or less. Many industry experts see EVs serving as a secondary car for families, primary cars for people not frequently traveling outside their community, and fleet cars for local businesses.

The EVTown initiative is designed to prepare our community for the rapidly growing EV industry. This forward-thinking strategy will make our community more attractive to emerging businesses and their employees, thus strengthening our economic base. It will complement the many other environmental initiatives already underway, and it will enhance economic opportunities and the quality of life for our residents.

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