Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are powered by both conventional fuels as well as electric power stored in a battery. All-electric vehicles use a battery to store the electrical energy that is the sole source of power to the motor.

The distance depends on the type of car, weather conditions, and driving habits. Typical EV's can travel between 100-200 miles on a single charge, more than enough distance for most daily commutes.

Electric vehicles require less maintenance as they have roughly one quarter of the moving parts of a conventional vehicle. For example, EVs do not require air cleaners, oil filters, spark plugs, engine oil, fan belts, radiators, fuel filters, and various other components of gas-powered vehicles. With EVs, the battery is the most critical component and requires little to no maintenance.

Many EVs from larger manufacturers are coming to market with 8-year warranties. Manufacturers fully expect that the batteries will serve the vehicle well past the warranty period; however, slight degradation will eventually occur, thus shortening the vehicle's range.

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